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We have a new Irish Wolfhound puppy, not as a client, in my home.  I really don't want to ruin his coat, especially since I am seriously considering showing him if he meets his breed standards when he grows up.  He is 12 weeks old yesterday.  I  really want to hand strip him.  With most of the clients I hand strip I use a blade on the pads and privates so as to not irritate such sensitive skin.  I don't cheat with thinners or scissors on any other part of the dogs, but I am wondering if cutting the hair at his penis or under his pads is allowed if I want to show him. I am also curious if anyone can tell me what age I can start stripping him.  So far we just do weekly bath, nails and ears.  Would greatly appreciate any advise any of you might have.  I do handstripping, carding but have never stripped an Irish Wolfhound before and where I live now I only have two clients that get done this way, so I could certainly be considered rusty on the subject.
Thanks so much.


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Awwww can you post a pic. Ive never seen a pup


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I would probablly just scissor the pads flush with the foot, no need to shave out up into the pads.  Also, I don't think show wolfhounds get sanitary cut.
  I don't anything about technique on grooming them for show, but they are supposed to look scruffy, so you will probably only strip out the longest of the blown coat, nothing like you would on tight coated wire haired terriers.
  Did you get your pup from a show breeder?  If so, they should be able to help you with the grooming, or at least send you to someone who can.  If you didn't buy from a show breeder, I hate to say it, but you would most likely be wasting your time showing, as most breeds are so competative that you can't really do any good with a dog that wasn't bred for show.
  You should post pics, everyone loves puppy pics!  Good luck with the baby.

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Here's a link with some grooming for "show" info..I am sure there is more detail involved than is explained here, but it looks like it would be a good place to start anyway..that and reading the breed standard, studying show dogs, etc.

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