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I just had a client blast me out because her dog came down with kennel cough after I groomed her. (Message on my phone) I am mobile, and none of my other clients have come down with it and I have never had a problem with this all the years I have been grooming. This client says her dog was only in my van and never anywhere else when she came down with it. I do not know if she walks her dog at home either. The dog came down with it 2 days after I groomed her. She also blasted me out because I never asked for current vac records and all other shops do. Lesson learned there. Message implied she wants me to pay her vet bill! I do not intend to call her back as I feel it will not go well and she may be one to take me to court. I guess from now on I will get a release stating they are up to date on vacs! How would you handle this one?


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First, you should know that the kennel cough vaccine does not fully protect a dog from contracting kennel cough.  It's like the flu.  There are thousands of different strains of kennel cough and the available vaccines protect against the most common strains of kennel cough.  I managed a kennel once that required its boarding dogs to have an updated kennel cough vaccination every six months and we still had two kennel cough outbreaks during my time there.  ALL of the dogs that became affected had been vaccinated less that three months prior to their visit!!!  Kennel Cough is something that you CANNOT guarentee against and if she calls you back, she can confirm what I just typed with any vet.  As far as you being liable for the vet bill, well, I personally wouldn't pay because you can take every precaution in the world and there is still a chance that her dog can become infected.  There is simply nothing you can do about that. 

And yes, you should probably ask to see proof of vaccinations to protect yourself but don't sweat it.  I guilty of being a little lax in that department as well.  good luck!

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Well haven't had the kennel cough but two weeks after grooming a dog the owner call me up ( leaves message) that her dog couldn't eat, pee or poop for the last three days. and it was because of my grooming. I could go to h*ll I wasn't a groomer. and every bit of the voicemail was screaming into my phone. I called her back informed her that apparently her dog was sick I had had no other problems with the other dogs that had been in and she cussed me out and hung up on me. She is very well known around town for being that type of person.


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I don't think 2 days is enough time for the KC virus to cook. I would be interested to know if this dog was cage dried and if so was it panting. If a dog is panting when it is being cage dried ,especially older dogs ,they are sucking in warm air that can irritate the throat and cause a kennel cough -like condition. Particularly ,dogs like cockers that have a long dry time. If you have a dog that is panting and you need to use a cage dryer use the coolest setting and drop the dryer so that it doesn't blow directly into the dog's face.
       Even using hand dryers on panting dog's can do this . HV dryers are best to use on panting dogs because you can direct the flow of air away from the face and the air isn't as warm.
       As far as your liability it is the owner's responsibility to see that there dog is up to date on it's vaccines. As a mobile groomer if you are doing one dog at a time you don't have to worry about  other dogs  in your shop. As long as you clean up after each dog you should be good to go. 
         I tell people when their dog goes to a grooming shop or kennel or dog park etc.that they are exposing their dog to other animals the same as people taking their kid to day care . Obviously they should have their vaccines but there are plenty of bugs out there and dogs that have come from shelters etc that might have intestinal bugs or God know's what.
If a child gets sick at a day care the day care doesn't pay the dr bills.
           If the lady calls back tell her that you have a clean shop and if the dog is not up on it's shots and it gets sick it is her problem.

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Thank you all for your input. I have a hard time when a client blast me out! I know this time I am in the right and she can bad mouth me all she wants. I have a very good reputation in town and alot of clients that will go to bat for me if this all goes in a bad direction. Just so hard to take when you work so hard and take pride in what you do!
  Brittasmom, I use a hand dryer and try to always be carefull around the face. I have it on low and most time do not completely get the dogs dry all the way on their faces. I do not remember if the dog was panting alot. I was just told tonight from someone who used to be the clients dog sitter that the dog has had many health issues over the years.

Thanks Deb

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It is the pet owners responsibility to vaccinate their pets. Viral s are every where in vet offices at doggie parks . Anywhere where dogs will go. If a dog is not fully vaccinated it can sub come to a disease. I have a friends whose adult poodle contacted Parvo from her own yard. A loose dog shedding parvo wen in her yard giving it to her dog. As for KC or upper respiratory problems. Their are numerous strains of URI and the borditella vaccine on covers a few. We live in a germie world. If a shop or grooming van had numerous complaints. That would be Que to make some serious changes. But one complaint I would not worry dont get mad or on the defensive. Just be calm and explain to the client that viral's are every where.  
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