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hi can anyone tell me what to do about a couple who started grooming with no training at all and when i myself and other new groomers started up she has put rumours around about us to as many people as  they could to try and stop us from building up my business , i think she is still doing this and as we are a small town we now have a lot of groomers, i was trained at scotgroom in lanarkshire so i put this in my adds and this is when it all started ,they are really nasty couple . i think i got a lot of her customers as she is in the next town from me . so i would like to know if anyone can tell me how to get window stikers saying  scottish proffessional groomer member is this from subscription on a mag ? 



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Stickers? Stickers mean nothing.
Ignore the idiots, let your grooming and professional conduct speak for you.
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