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Interesting reminding us to use mask when using HV. I agree with the comment at the end about the shampoo make sure to read it at the bottom of page --????

FDA Warns Pet Owners of Pet Shampoo

"The FDA’s Center for Veterinary Medicine is alerting pet owners to use caution with the use of an unapproved animal drug product, Douxo Seborrhea Shampoo (0.1% phytosphingosine), distributed by Sogeval Laboratories, Inc. of Coppell, Texas after recently receiving a report of the death of a woman associated with the use of the product on her dog.

The March adverse event report describes a woman with severe, preexisting asthma who had a sudden, severe asthma attack and died while bathing a dog using the product, Douxo Seborrhea Shampoo. A few days later, another asthmatic family member bathed the dog using the same product and experienced a mild asthma attack but recovered.

FDA is advising consumers with asthma or other respiratory conditions to consider consulting with their physicians prior to use of this product.

FDA is currently investigating this serious issue and will provide additional information as appropriate.

To report an adverse event involving the use of animal drug product, please go to:"


Thanks to Mollie M. for sending me this story.


Wishing you and your pet(s) the best,


Susan Thixton
Pet Food Safety Advocate
Author, Buyer Beware


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Said this on 5-16-2011 At 01:08 pm

It would seem by the description in the artilce above that a "strange" though possible cause and effect apparently exists.  I do question that if the first asthmatic family member was shampooing her dog, and DIED from an attack right afterward, why a 2nd family member (obviously related closely enough both with the same kind of asmathic condition and close enough to be using the SAME shampoo) would even be washing a dog right after such a death in the family!   Much less to be taking a chance on using the same product!  Surely it must have had an obvious, pungent medical scent if it was strong enough to begin with.  And people with asthma are usually cautious about what they inhale, particularly those with symptoms that are easily triggered by ENVIRONMENTAL sources!   This sounds like an obviously pointed potential lawsuit.  We have a very litigious minded society (jacking up the costs of pet related services).


It isn't saying that the product itself is NOT dangerous, as long as it can be proven to be faulty.  Just that unusual coincidental circumstances seem to exist, and are pointed in the right direction for a claim.


On the other hand I remember being warned by the makers of a very reputable and prominent (dog) Force Air Dryer manufacturer. 
And the warning said be sure NOT to use the appliance (don't use the forced dryer on your dog) if you've used a "medicinal" based (such as for skin and dandruff conditions) dog shampoo.  Blowing the fumes could be hazardous to your health. 


Now I also realize that there are MANY, many professional grooming salons that do use medicated shampoos, as well as home groomers I know, and do myself on other people's pets, and the like, and still do use a forced air dryer.  I also know somebody with severe asthma who does the same, and has never had an outright attack.


However, there must be cause enough on at least some occasions for this to be a problem, if the manufacturer needed to make the disclaimer about using the product.  I wonder if anyone else had picked up on this warning too.  And is now making claim against a (dangerous) shampoo product.   When maybe they dryer had aggravated the condition?


In any event thank you for the warning.   Nobody needs to take any unnecessary chances health wise and product safety wise.

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