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General Summary of Job

Dandy Dogs Pet Spa is seeking an experienced Dog Groomer Full Time (or part time) position to support our growing Grooming business!  The Groomer’s primary duties are to manage shop while properly grooming and finishing pets by using humane practices and minimizing pet stress. Additionally, the groomer is responsible for supervising bather/brushers and the maintenance and cleaning of the groom shop. The Groomer reports to the General Manager and is responsible for overseeing the maintenance and wellbeing of the dogs and shop cleanliness. 


Primary Duties

  • Perform groom functions as requested by client and described on the groom card or instruction form. Provide attractive pet style that meets client’s expectations and is appropriate for the pet. 
  • Ensure bather/brushers are preparing pets for grooming in accordance to procedures. 

  • Observe pet’s coat conditions and when necessary make appropriate recommendations for cuts and how to handle demoting
  • Ensure to document and/or advise reception/General Manager extra charges required for brush-out or dematting. 

  • Finish pets as described in procedures. 

  • Ensure dogs are bathed as needed prior to grooming. 

  • Manage groom shop work schedule to ensure departure times are met or client’s notified in advance of unavoidable delays. 

  • Keep grooming stations stocked with supplies, tools cleaned and ready for use. 
Report low inventory to General Manager before supplies run out.
  • Ensure bather/brushers keep groom shop clean.
  • During the workday keep the room safe by wiping up water spills and pet accidents as soon as possible. 

  • Assist in the clean up at the end of each workday
Send resume to

Yolanda Smith
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