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OK... so many of 'us' older groomers may be 'out of shape'. Here is a great exercise to help us work on our arms! Please... read through all the directions before you start!

Begin with a 5 lb. potato bag in each hand. Each day hold one in each hand, holding your arms out to your sides. At first it may be difficult but dont give up. Hold them out for 5 min. then progress each day until you reach 15 minutes each day.

Now.. move up to a 10 lb potato bag following the same instructions. Once you feel confident... move up to a 50 lbs potato bag!.....

now that you have built your confidence up, you will be feeling pretty good about yourself... You can progress to the next level....

OK... the next level...

you should be about 3- 4 months into this whole thing by now...


you can now try putting one potato in each bag and begin this all again!


In life, a sense of humor will always prove an asset. Find the joy and humor in all you do and you shall never regret a thing.

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LOL, it took me a minute to realize that the bags were empty!!! LOL Too funny!!!


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Haha I didn't get it at first, luckily the second post was there haha...that's cute!!

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