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How many years now have we heard, " it's not if but when?" I'm perfectly content how it is! Baffles me to hear people want government up in their businesses or to think a license will gain "respect" for our field. Uh people could care less if we have a piece of paper on the wall or not. I still think it absurd a license is required to give a human a haircut!

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A professional license at the least says the person is qualified and knows what they are doing. 
A business license creates a fair field for businesses to grow and succeed in.

The combination of these assure consumers the person and business meet minimal training, educational, skill requirements and is operating legally.

Certification is too often confused with Licensing in and outside the profession.
Certification only say's the person may have acquired some special skill(s) or has met the requirements of an association that certifies it's members.  

Unfortunately since there is no minimum universal pet grooming training, education and skill requirements; State licensing is not likely.

When anyone; having had no training, education, or skill development can so easily enter this occupation and call themselves professionals; It's an insult!
Yes that is what I said "It is an insult" - to those of us that have acquired professional pet grooming skills through supervised training and received animal "pet grooming" related educations. Far to many enter this occupation lacking proper training or even an understanding of the importance of developing humane pet grooming handling methods.

Few are willing to submit to supervised pet grooming training conditions. Few seek applicable pet grooming skills training not to mention proper humane animal handling methods.
Even fewer are willing to involve themselves in the academic study of breed needs and differences'. Many more enter this business with little or no idea how to run and operate a business. Business standards and operational ethics to say nothing about pet-grooming practices can be as different as night and day from one business to another.
Thus the sad commentary about pet-grooming - "BUYER BEWARE" !  

Customers unknowingly add to the insult when they choose these overnight pet grooming experts simply because they are low priced.

Only when State Licensing is required will minimum standards be developed for this (profession - ?) 
Only State Licensing will have the ability-power to develope standards and enforce them.
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