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ok why do my blades get so hot so quick? put blade on to scoop out the pads and its hot in 2 mins  they are clean and oiled this is a andis 2 speed that i just got, i have always used the andis one speed and it seemed i could go forever before they would get hot. doing a 7f clip down i now keep 4 blades so i can keep changing out to cool down=forever changing blades know. what iam i doing wrong?


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so.......who, what, when, where do you use high speed clippers--why did i get them? i thought if would make my work smoother and of course quicker--not more aggravating changing blades every minute...yikes   i guess today i will try using the first speed all day and see what happens.


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I use a piece of ceramic tile to set my blades on after exchanging them for a cool one. It speeds cooling time. Hope this helps.

shelley bertrand

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Make sure your blades are clean and OILED!!! Most groomers do not oil their blades enough.
Also check the tension, if the blade is too tight, that can cause more then necessary friction.

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Originally Posted by michele

so.......who, what, when, where do you use high speed clippers--why did i get them?.......

How does the saying go - "Be Careful What You Ask For Or You May Just Get It"

Manufactures listen ! Who they listen to often is the root of the problem. Problems caused by the demands of some groomers has caused some dangerous impracticale equipment, tools, and products to be invented, developed and marketed. One such bad example of what manufactures have listened to was some groomers wanting heated cage dryers to speed up cage drying time.

I remember when some groomers started thinking and suggesting a faster speed clipper would be the answer to clipping problems. Some groomers wrongfully believed that increasing clipper speed would make clipping some matted coats faster. Some influential notable groomers in the industry got the attention of other groomers that also climbed on that band wagon adopting similar thinking.
Some may remember the early "Boosters" made by a manufacture back in the late 1970s early 80s.
A booster one plugged clippers into that would increase clipper speed. Well it did not take long and manufactures ready to make a $-buck-$ got on the band wagon to meet groomer demands with a variety of multi-speed clippers. Its not unusual for manufactures to cash in on market demands and cater to that demand even when it is based on a wrong belief. Manufactures have been profiting off groomers for decades. I suspect this will continue as more enter the pet grooming profession without the necessary education to know what equipment, tools, and products are really useful and not just "gimmicky".

A little knowledge based on a background as a machinist. Blade tensions should be adjusted for each of your clippers different speeds.
This means a different set of blades (tensioned & labeled) and each of those different tensioned sets should be used only for the appropriate clipper speed setting. 

see - (Grooming Products - Best way to "cool" blades)             


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so are you guys saying the higher RPM clippers don't cute quicker/smoother than lower RPM's? i was told the opposite so i always have my two speed on high, unless i'm clipping between pads with a #40, then i use low.

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I love my clippers on high! I change out my clean, sharp blades often and never have a problem 
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