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Could you please give me some ideas of what the job responsibilities of a bather/fluffer would be? 


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It probably varies from shop to shop but to give you a general idea the responsibilities would probably include. washing the dogs, nail trimming, ear cleaning, anal expression, drying and sometimes brushing dogs who don't need a haircut. In the salon I have worked for everyone cleans everything so you would probably be responsible for general cleaning of the salon and cleaning up after accidents the dogs your working on have like potty or poop. You might have to make appointments or answer the phone too but like I said it varies.

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Some shops even have their bathers do rough cuts - but I would only suggest doing that if you really trust the bather and/or they are really interested in becoming a groomer someday.

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I was a bather for some time.

It was my job to primarily bathe the smaller dogs.  occsionally I would sqweeze in a lab or something if our big dog bather was busy.

I would arrive 30 mins ahead of everyone else and get 4-5 dogs bathed and in cage dryers so the brushers that came in next would have something to do.  It was my job to make sure that the dog who went home first or who needed to be out in a certain amount of time got done first. 

Also, I addition to bathing, I did nails, anal glands, flea dips.  Sometimes if we were slow I would dry too but mostly just bathed.  It was my job to clean my station, (tub, walls, and floor around my tub)  refill my shampoos, and wash towels. 

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my bathers...  wash/dry.. anals in the tub..  most of the shop cleaning..
my friend that works with me 2 days a week as a bather can do alot more.. if i am in a jam she can rough out the dogs and do nails and ears too..she can even answer phones and book apt.... but normaly i do all that stuff

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I am a bather in grooming training. According to what everyone else has said, my job is a lot harder. I basically  do everything.  I bathe  up to 12 dogs a day (of my own), answer phones, make appointments, check in and out dogs, bathe the groomers dogs, fluff dry, ruff in, nails, feet pads, sanitaries, deshed, clean, and what ever else needs to be done. but i am a more experienced bather. Most bathers that people higher have no experience.

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My bather must of couse, bathe dogs, both large and small, dry them and de-shed them.  She must also help with the cleaning, greet and check in/out customers, answer the phone, book appointments, walk-in nail trims, A.G.E, laundry. and help handle difficult dogs.  I run a very small shop, so the cleaning and customer service is spilt between the two of us.


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In the shop i work in when i was bather i would bath all the dogs and blast 90% dry for the groomers and as well finish double coats that we refer to as "back dogs" because they are bathed in finished in the back because we use the high velocity dryer and have a bigger table little dogs are finshed in the front of the shop. bathing is a very big and important job clients expect the pet to be squeeky clean above all. i also took all the walk in nail trims as the bather. i think if your in a very busy shop answering the phones and taking appoitments shouldnt be the bathers responsiblity because bathing and preping for the groomers should be priority


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My shop bather: Takes a dog, does nails, ear plucking, maybe takes coat off a shaggy dog that will be short, takes em to the tub, does anals and ears, bathes and blasts em 95% dry, puts them in a cage dryer. 
Then at the end she will sometimes brush out a dog under the stand dryer. For this she gets paid by the dog.
 For cleaning all she needs to do is pick up towels and sweep a bit. She is not paid hourly. 
We are teaching her to groom so at this point she can do bath&brush dogs like labs, hairy mixes, hounds etc... she gets paid 50% for these dogs.
She will do other things if asked and is very helpful.
 Plus she is funny, artistic and kind to the dogs!
We love our bather
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