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I thought yall might think this is funny:

A while back there was a grooming assistant that swore TO GOD that when she was 14 she saw "a litter of cat-puppies". "Some of em had cat faces and dog bodies and some had dog faces and cat bodies and they were runnin around..."

I said "Were you on the Isle of Dr. Moreau?"

I live in Texas. Been grooming for 5 years was a b+b for 2 years prior to that. I Manage a corporate grooming salon. I try to incorporate the most professional techniques possible in my grooming and look forward to honing my skills and making every dog as pretty as possible.

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OH I believe everything.  Someone said on here last week that grooming seems to attract the goonies.  Its so true.  Cat-puppies, yes very believable.  I just not and try to get them to give me as much details as possible....I'm allowing their hole to get bigger and bigger.

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