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I'm a bit of a grooming newbie, running a small part-time shop. I'm learning as I go...and could use some advice.
I have a Schnauzer coming every 3 weeks, the owner used to groom the dog herself, with not great results.
I have a question about the face which I can't quite figure out from the famous grooming book I've been using...nftgt...
What do I do with the undereye area? It seems that hair is supposed to be long and part of the beard, but it's growing out now which makes it a bit harder to see the dog's eyes. I explained to the owner that hair needed to grow out, but she seemed a bit disappointed that she couldn't see the dog's eyes enough. Am I right that the hair needs to grow out?
Also the client was wishing the dog's cute eyelashes could stay long, but it seems in order to have the eyebrows trimmed, some of the lashes need to go...
Any help and/or advice is greatly appreciated!

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I am by no means a grooming expert.  But, if the owner wants the eyelashes long.  then by all means leave them long.  You can hold them down with your thumb while you trim the eyebrows.  I have one client who has a Shih Tzu and that dogs eye lashes are so long that I trim them into the beard.

not sure about the under eye thing... someone else will have to answer that one for your.  I just groom my dogs however the owner wants them.  If it means grooming a cocker like a poodle... then... Thats what I do.  I am a service, they pay me for my work.  They should be happy with my work when I am done.  Therefore, groomed to their specs, not mine.

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Let the hair under the eyes grow long. NFTGT show pretty well what to do. It's the sides you trim. Now I do know a groomer who clipped out from under the eyes cause thats what the people wanted, but don't do it with out someone begging you to. Also DON'T shave down the nose!!! I hate that...
and yet I still have 4 people who want just that done to their dogs...

Any nice groomers in your area to give you tips live?


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I learned a new tip recently regarding eyebrows and how to get that nice arch and to make them lay the way you want.

I used to comb the hair toward the nose and start at the owuter corner of the eye & snip with curved scissors toward the center.

WRONG!  This way is easier and gets better angles and results.  Comb the hair AWAY from the center or nose....right eye, comb hair to the right side.  THEN use the curve scissors and snip in toward the middle and leave those center hairs long.  Its easy to go back and make them shorter if client wants shorter ones.  But the eye is opened up more, the face looks more alert and you do not have to keep making repeated snips to get it to look and lay just right.

Another thing I did wrong was to reverse shave down to where I felt the eyebrows OUGHT to begin.  I was going down much too far that way.  Its hard for me to describe but I don't reverse shave down nearly as far and I let the hair above the LONG hairs fill in the indentation, so as to make the top of the head be a flat plane, blending more into the brows.


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I have a client that I pretty much have to leave a poodle mustache on her schnauzer's face.. lol Im talking.. shave up the whole nose, and under the eyes.. leave the rest of the beard LONG.. I HATE IT!! lol but... that's what they want..

anyways my regular schnauzer faces.. let the hair under eyes grow! I use if it's gets too thick, I use thinning shears to help it lay right.. and help it blend from #10 short "cheeks" to long beard....

One trick a show groomer taught me was to put some ear powder on my fings.. and gently tug the hair under the eyes... this pulls out thin, frizzy, shallow-rooted hair (the dog dosen't even feel it!!) that can leave that area thick and poofy looking..

Im attatching a picture of one of my clients who likes HALF the hair cut out from under the eye.. shes used to ask me to cut the whole thing.. I finally convinced her to at least do this.. no need to critique this groom!! lol I know I know.. her skirts is sloppy (growing back from a MATTED shave down) and her beard is stained (but its much better than it was when she came in!)

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I do the same with the eyebrows everytime. One of the girls on here gave me that tip...been using it ever since.


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Thanks so much for the tips. I just had someone come in yesterday wanting me to "clean up" their Schnauzer's face. Turned out the previous groomer had shaved the top of the nose! I convinced them it would be better to let it grow out (it was already 1/2 inch) and told them they could use some mousse to tamp it down in the meantime...They told me the last groom I gave the dog was the best he'd ever had! Sweet compliment, but I know I can learn to do better! I can't wait to try the new eyebrow technique!

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