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I've heard about groomers using RIT dye (used for dying clothing usually), to get the bold bright colors on dog hair. I saw a recipe long ago but lost the link to it. Does anyone here know where I can find the directions to using it?
I remember that it is fairly diluted, but I can't remember how much or how long to leave it on...etc.

I don't know anyone personally that does this, but know there is a safe way to use it. Please let me know if you can.

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I just coloured my dog with something called manic panic. It comes in very bright colours and is relatively cheap ($12) and if you wash your dog  every 2 weeks, the pinks, red and purples last about 3 months. where as the blues and green shades last only a couple of washings. It's like a gel so it's easy to apply. I buy it at a Punky shop where they sell wierd peircings and other odd things, but I've seen it being sold online. Also it has no smell so the dog doesn't get bothered.

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Rit dye is for cloth. I don't do much coloring, but I think your much better off not using it till you hear from a "master Dye-er".

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I've never used RIT but I saw it when I looked up about using RIT on human hair.

We've learned the hard way that no amount of conditioning or dyeing will make our hair look good. Whatever the ads promise, we'll somehow screw it up or our follicles will somehow reject it. That's why the good people at Phoenix Brands LLC have given us Rit dye. Rit is a cheap alternative to fancy-pants stuff like Manic Panic. It fades quickly and involves fewer steps that regular hair dye.

Of course, there are lots of good reasons people don't dye their hair with Rit. Number one is that Manic Panic is pretty easy to come by these days. Dyeing this way can cause severe burns and back cramps, and is almost guaranteed to damage your hair. You won't be able to dye your roots and it won't cover up your natural color.

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I am a DYE HARD MANIC fan!!!

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